Saturday, April 22, 2017: Day One

Saturday, April 21, 2017: I’m hitting the road alongside my boyfriend, Nathan, (you’ll be seeing some of his photos used in this blog) as we travel west to visit cities and national parks that we’ve never seen in person.

Right now, 12:32am to be exact, I’m sitting here hoping I’ve packed everything I need for the next 18 days, while listening to the thunder outside. Of course, I’m also creating this blog. 

A little about me–I’ve lived in Tennessee for most of my 30 years. The exception was this past year and nine months that I spent living in New York City. Throughout the majority of my childhood, I was afraid of just about everything. I’m perpetually anxious. But my experiences in traveling and living in New York have introduced me to another side of myself, a side I’m embracing. I still get scared, but I’m actively reminding myself to be present. This blog is my way of  doing just that, and I’m excited to share what I encounter along the way.

For now, I need to go to sleep. It’s officially DAY ONE. To start, we’re heading to St. Louis to get in some quality time with my non-biological sister, Nicole. I’m excited to see the sights on this trip and even more excited to visit places I’ve never been. However, seeing my friends who live at a distance is the part that has me most excited!

So, here we go …to sleep. Because today’s going to be a busy day!


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