Monday, April 24, 2017: Day Three

Monday, April 24, 2017: We left Hays, Kansas around 9:30am and headed to Denver.

The Kansas plains (and Colorado plains) were beautiful especially since I had never seen the plains in person. The miles of unobstructed views were not lost on me.

However, we made a few stops to break up the drive. Most of our stops were at gas stations or our stop for lunch, but we tried to add a couple of photo ops to the mix.

We passed a sign in Kansas that mentioned something about a Buffalo Bill statue. I looked online to see what exactly that was and discovered that only three miles off the highway was a gigantic Buffalo Bill statue. We drove up and snapped a couple of photos with the Giant Buffalo and Bill and then got the heck out of there. Needless to say, we were the only people there. But if you’re ever in need of a break along I-70, ask yourself “Why not?”

We also made the quintessential stop by the Colorado state sign to get a few photos. I say “quintessential” because there is an area beside the sign that was clearly created for picture purposes. And while we were there, two other cars pulled over to do the same thing. Of course, we also planned this stop since Nathan and I had seen many pictures of people with the sign.

We drove past a sign for the “scenice route to Denver” and so, of course, we merged off the interstate and jumped onto a small highway road across the plains. And scenic, it was. In the distance across the plains, we could see the snowcapped mountains, and as we grew closer to the mountains, the hills in the plains began to roll.

Once we arrived in Denver, we decided to head to Red Rocks Amphitheater before finding dinner. As we approached Red Rocks, we could see the giant red rocks jutting out of the mountain. It was incredible to see, especially after seeing miles and miles of flat land for hours. We wandered around the amphitheater, drove around the park and soaked in the sights a bit. I have wanted to see a show at Red Rocks for a long time, and I still plan to make that happen one day. As we walked around, all I could think was “I’ll be back.” [Note: Better photos to come.]

After leaving Red Rocks, I began my Google Maps search for places to eat. We drove downtown near the capital building and decided to narrow our search around there. We found a burger joint called Park & Co, and after a long day on the road, nothing was better than biting down into a big, juicy burger. We were both pretty exhausted by the end of the day.


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