Wednesday, May 3, 2017: Day Twelve

Wednesday, May 3, 2017: Y’all, Phoenix is hot. Of course, it looks like it’ll be 70°F next week when we won’t be here. But for our two, full Phoenix days, we’ll be experiencing temperatures in the low 100s.

We started the morning by trying a highly rated, local coffee shop, Cartel Coffee Lab. They brew the coffee differently depending on the size coffee you order. Because a little caffeine goes a long way with me, I ordered an 8oz coffee, which they brewed using an aeropress. Nathan ordered their cold brew, and I ordered their Carmen Microlot, which originates in El Salvador and claims tasting notes of “plum, raw sugar, and subtle cinnamon.”


After coffee, we drove around Phoenix to get a better idea of the city. We drove through the Old Town area of Scottsdale, where Cartel is located, and the drove downtown, where we stopped to find water. Seriously, Phoenix is hot.

We grabbed lunch at Rubio’s, a fast food chain that I need more of in my life [or maybe not]. I scarfed down three fish tacos and probably could have scarfed down about three more.

After lunch, we went to the Desert Botanical Garden at Papago Park. This botanical garden is no joke. It’s large and features a wide variety of cacti and trees that I never knew existed. We also enjoyed watching all the quails with their babies run around between sections of the park. In addition to the quails, we saw a few rabbits and lizards running around the park. We read that there is also a tortious and a couple of snakes in the park. Luckily, we did not see the latter.

We were exhausted from being in the sun for a few hours [yes, Mama, I caked on the sunscreen] so we took a break during the day to cool off before setting out to meet Bree and Charles for dinner.

Before I left for the trip, Bree suggested we try a deep-dish pizza place, Lou Malnati’s, when we arrive in Phoenix. So when we were making plans to meet up with this, this place was our priority. I’m still full as I sit here writing this a day after eating there, but it was absolutely delicious. I’m going to be dreaming about that pizza forever.

The best part, of course, was catching up with Bree and Charles and getting to sweet their sweet, 7-month old, Nora.

At Lou Malnati’s with Bree and Nora



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