Monday, May 8, 2017: Day Seventeen

Monday, May 8, 2017: Before this trip, I had never been to Dallas. Nathan has family and friends here and has visited off and on over the years. So, I had a pretty good tour guide for this last stop on our trip.

I should note that because Dallas is more familiar territory than the other places we visited on this trip, and the pictures from this part of the trip are few and far between. Most of our Dallas explorations involved driving around and pointing out the window. We drove past where JFK was shot. We drove through a few of the Dallas suburbs, around the hip Deep Ellum area, and downtown.

After a morning tour of the area, we met Nathan’s college buddy Jeff for lunch at Velvet Taco. Y’all, this place. New York is apparently still in my system because when I ordered my chicken tikka taco, my Cuban taco, and my shrimp and grits taco, I was expecting to receive three tiny, but fancy street tacos. Nope! We’re in Texas. These tacos were business.

After lunch, we decided to stop by Northpark Mall. I needed a change of cloths for whatever we decided to do at night, and there was also talk of booze coffee at a place called Bread Winners also located at the mall. Nathan and Jeff spent the majority of the time at the Windows Store, where I was later coerced into giving virtual reality a try. By the end of our mall experience, I had a new dress, had petted a robot dog on a mountain, and had indulged in the “booze coffee.”

After hanging out and catching up at Bread Winners, we met Dan and Hannah, also Nathan’s college friends, at Inwood Tavern before grabbing pizza at Fireside Pies.

It’s been so great to get to know some of Nathan’s people on this trip. With both of us having friends and family who live in different parts of the country and with us living away from our own friends and family, this road trip has given us so many great opportunities to meet each other’s friends. Talk about a major bonding experience.


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